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Spring is in the Air…

If you are keen to embrace the Spring and have some exciting plans for the Summer, then look no further than Object to ensure you have the right kit to make your day start the right way!

Stay Hydrated

Your body is nearly two-thirds water so it’s important that you drink enough fluid to stay hydrated and healthy. Without enough fluid you may start to feel tired, get headaches or not perform at your best. Most health organisations agree that 2 litres of water will help keep you healthy – this is approximately 8 glasses. This amount of liquid can be daunting and challenging for some, so having a water bottle to hand, especially if it helps make water taste great, is the best way to ensure you stay hydrated.

  • Fruit Fusion Water Bottle is a must have for when you are trying to drink more water, whether on the move or at home – you can make your water taste great with a slice of lemon, lime or cucumber and a few ice cubes. Our Fruit Fusion Bottle is 750ml and has a handle making it easy to carry around with you. Not only that it looks great so you can be stylish as well as hydrated!

Play your Favourite Tunes

What better way to embrace the day than your favourite tunes! Listening to music you love causes your brain to release dopamine, a feel-good chemical – so put those tunes on and smile! Unfortunately though, not everyone shares your taste in music, especially if you are at work, on the Tube or at the gym.

  • Our Object headphones solve that problem. They are so easy to connect to your phone and are very comfortable. We love them so much the team here take them to the gym and frequently wear them running or listen to their favourite tunes in the office. They are lightweight,  robust and excellent quality – and even better – they don’t break the bank

Don’t get caught out without your phone

Our attachment to mobile phones is on the increase. Your phone is your gateway to your social life and many people feel stressed without their phone. Most people remember a time their phone ran out of battery and don’t relish experiencing it again.

  • Our affordable and fast charging range of mobile chargers and cables mean there is no excuse to not have an extra set in your car, office drawer and bedside table for convenient charging

Get those Sunnies out!

With the Spring comes the sunshine – which is the perfect opportunity to get those sunglasses out! With the Object range of sunglasses that are hugely fashionable at a price you can afford, you can treat yourself to several pairs and change style depending on your mood and outfit.