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If you have some exciting plans for the Summer, then look no further than Object to ensure you have the right products to make your day start the right way!

Fun in the sun!

We have some fabulous Summer products – here are just a few of them!

  • Sunglasses  Our fabulous range of sunnies are perfect for the Summer. The Object range of sunglasses that are hugely fashionable at a price you can afford, you can treat yourself to several pairs and change style depending on your mood and outfit. Starting from just £4.99!
  • Fruit Fusion Water Bottle A must have for when you are trying to drink more water, whether on the move or at home – you can make your water taste great with a slice of lemon, lime or cucumber and a few ice cubes. Our Fruit Fusion Bottle is 750ml and has a handle making it easy to carry around with you. Not only that it looks great so you can be stylish as well as hydrated!
  • Expandable Hosepipe Perfect for watering the garden! At just £8.99 the hosepipe is 50ft long and  has a lightweight design, looking neat and tidy in any garden.

Play your favourite tunes

What better way to embrace the day than your favourite tunes! Listening to music you love causes your brain to release dopamine, a feel-good chemical – so put those tunes on and smile!

  • Our Object ear phones and ear buds are easy to connect to your phone and are very comfortable. They are lightweight,  robust and excellent quality – and even better – they don’t break the bank. From wireless to with a connection, we have a wide range to suit your needs. From just £4.99

Stay charged!

Our affordable and fast charging range of mobile chargers and cables mean there is no excuse to not have an extra set in your car, office drawer and bedside table for convenient charging…

  • See our full range by visiting our website – we have a wide selection of chargers and cables including Type C cables, mini, micro and Apple approved, through to Power Banks and Adaptors

Always innovating

We are always innovating and launching new products – visit our website for the latest new launches and order online today!